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5 Ways To Burn More Fat

On Your Abdomen, Arms, Hips and Thighs

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1). Did you know that eating the right calories, carbohydrates and fats actually helps to burn fat?

2). Did you know that stress makes you fat?

  • Meditation helps you sleep

  • Sleep prevents Stress

  • Stress free sleep burns fat.

3). Did you know that if you want to burn fat, do not use anything labeled: Diet, Light, or Fat-Free!

4). Did you know that the two biggest errors you can make when wanting to burn fat are:

  • Thinking that counting calories, carbohydrates, or eating fat-free makes you fat-free
  • That sport is the best way to burn fat

    Sport only burns about 20%, but proper nutrition accounts for over 80% of the fat we burn

5). Did you know that The Willow System has amazing solutions to help you burn fat better:

  • Willow System private sessions help you find individual solutions for stress
  • The Willow System Body Organization helps to restore the economic collaboration between your glands, organs and muscles
  • Rita Harrison's Meditative Healing Tools provide you with stress-free relaxation and tranquility.

Weight-Loss without Sports and Dieting.

Being Politically Correct

Rita Harrison
...has been helping people heal & grow since 1986. Over the last 6 year she has been working online (Skype, etc.) and on the phone in over 10 countries worldwide.

Based in Long Beach California she is the developer of the Willow System Treatment, an International Author, Keynote Speaker, Naturopath... Read More

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