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Refreshed. Harmonized. Integrated.

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"Well learned doesn’t mean well integrated." -Rita Harrison

From her book... Making Zen’s Of It All

Wanting To Heal Makes Us All The Same

What we need to heal makes us different

When you are in need of healing, you feel extremely vulnerable. It can even seem as if you were the only one with this wound or that kind of problem. You may feel overwhelmed by not knowing how you got there, how to get out of it again and what’s the right thing to do.

Then you may either decide to isolate yourself, which makes things usually worse or try to find someone who can help you understand what you need and present you with tailor-made solutions to your problem, no matter how complex or complicated it may appear.

"I’m here to help you find the imbalances before they manifest as ailments or help you get rid of what caused them when they showed up. You are not your symptoms and therefore let’s not just treat the symptoms. Let’s look at you as a whole human being with all your individual needs." -Rita Harrison

Family Healing

Family Healing

Rooted. Resilient. Resourced.

Family is light when healed...

... and heavy when not.
Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing

Untangled. Empowered. Light.

When Your Life Seems Too Hard, Reach Out To Your Ancestors

Receive their blessings to live your life with grace, easiness and joy
Relationship Healing

Relationship Healing

Relate. Repair. Nurture.

Longing For Love Is Easy!

Receiving love is what most people find hard.
Relationship Healing

Spiritual Healing

Elevate. Expand. Enlighten.

Don’t Feel Disappointed, Celebrate New Beginnings

Some physical problems are only resolvable on the metaphysical level
Relationship Healing

Abuse Healing

Freedom From Blame.
Freedom From Fault. Freedom From Guilt.

Remember Your Innocence, Even If You May Doubt It

Break through the veil of confusion, blame and guilt
Physical Healing

Physical Healing

Rejuvenated. Strong. Joyful.

Your Body Is Telling You What It Needs

Listen and have the courage to make the changes...
Healing Disorders

Disorders Healing

Overcome. Manage. Recover.

Free Yourself From Judgment

Gain understanding and control...
PTSD Healing

PTSD Healing

Be Safe. Stay Safe. Restore Trust.

We All Take Our Own Inner Prison With Us

But there is always a way out...
Fear of Failure Healing

Fear of Failure Healing

Examine. Express. Experience.

Shoot For The Moon

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars...

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