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Frequently Asked Questions:
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How to find more cognitive empowerment (Brain Power): FAQ
Frequently asked questions about empowering the Brain ( Brain Power, Cognitive Empowerment ) with the Willow System

Other Keywords Used: ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer, Authentic Thoughts, Brain Power, Brainpower, Clarity, Cognitive Empowerment, Creative, Destructive, Empowering, Empowerment, Individual Truth, Mental Health, Mind, Solutions,Focus, Thinking,

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Drive and Motivation: Get excited about your life again!
what can make you lose your drive and motivation and what it takes to get yourself back on track.

Other Keywords Used: Ambition, Author, Desire, Determination, Drive, Enterprise, Enthusiasm, Hope, Ideas, Impulse, Initiative, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspirational Thoughts, Inspire, Instinct, International, Motivation, Naturopath, Need, On Course, On Schedule, On Track, Self-Help, Think,

How to turn endings into blessed new beginnings.
You've probably experienced lots of endings in your life and in this video I talk about how to turn these endings into blessed new beginnings.

Other Keywords Used: Beginnings, Blessed, Empowerment, Endings, How To, Ideas, Inspiration, Life, Motivation, Thoughts,

Thoughts & Inspitation Videos:
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How about remembering to be kind to yourself. Just a thought
I've been very sick over the past 2 weeks, forcing me to be more kind to myself. So I just thought I'd just remind you all to do the same.

Other Keywords Used: Balance, Body, Counseling, Joy, Kind, Mind, Psychology, Remember, Respect, Sick, Stress, Tension, Thought, Thought For Today, Thought Of The Day, Time,

Being Your True Self: Here's A Thought... You're Enough!
How to find your true, authentic self! How to recognizing, acknowledge and integrate that person to the world. Here's How...

Other Keywords Used: Acceptance, Acknowledgement, Authentic Self, Awareness, Life Purpose, Real Self, Recognition, Self-Doubt, Self-Help, Thought, Tips, Tools, True Self,

Here’s Some Thoughts On Relationship Reflection! Willow 4 U
What do you want in your relationships? What don't you want? How do you go about getting what you want? What are you prepared to give for them?

Other Keywords Used: Anticipation, Best, Consideration, Contemplation, Deliberation, Excitement, Faultless, Flawless, Hope, Ideal, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspirational Thoughts, Inspire, Meditation, Perfect Day, Pondering, Relationship, Relationships, Thinking, Ultimate,

Why Do We Do What We Do. Life, Nutrition and Healthy Living
When we do the right thing for the wrong reasons, it mostly bounces back on us. When we do the right things for the right reasons it's empowering

Other Keywords Used: Accomplishment, Career, Empowerment, Healthy Food, Mindfulness, Motivation, Nutrition, Relationships, Self-Empowerment, Spirituality, The Right Thing, The Wrong Reason, Thoughts,

Personal Relationships Friends And Partners - The Good News
Rita explores in this video the value of friendship. She gives tips on effectiveness in a relationship as a friend and partner.

Other Keywords Used: Empowerment, Friends, Friendship, Friendships, Healthy Tips, Lifestyle, Motivation, Partner Roles, Partners, Personal Relationships, Possibilities, Relationships, Self-Empowerment, Thoughts,

Unsolicited Advice. How To interact more mindfully Video Tip
A Thought For Today! You know how uncomfortable it is to get unsolicited advice, but at the same time you might catch yourself doing it yourself.

Other Keywords Used: Advice, Dignity, Dignity & Respect, Empowerment, Harmony, Inspiration, Inspirational, Mindfulness, Motivation, Peace, Peace & Harmony, Relationships, Respect, Self-Empowerment, Thoughts,

What Makes Us Grow? Leaving your comfort zone and healing!
Does Growth Equal Healing, or Do We Heal to Grow? I believe that the more we grow, the more we heal. The more we heal, the more we grow.

Other Keywords Used: Believe, Development, Grow, Growth, Heal, Healing, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Self-Growth, Thoughts,

Feeling Stuck or Anxious? Fly Free! There's always a way out
Thought for today on how to fly high and free, because there's always a way out, if you just keep it simple when you feel old, anxious or scared

Other Keywords Used: Feel Free, Feeling Anxious, Feeling Old, Feeling Scared, Feeling Stuck, Fly Free, Fly High, Get Unstuck, Healing Through Growth, Health and Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Rita Harrison, Self-Development, Self-Growth, Thought, Willow System,

Drama-Addiction: The Need To Fill Every Second And More...
The Big Emotional Hangover. Thoughts on the need to fill every second with STUFF. Chasing the sensational, leaving you feeling empty and drained.

Other Keywords Used: , Addiction, Crisis, Dependence, Dependency, Drained, Drama, Emotional, Empty, Excitement, Feelings, Habit, Hangover, Infatuation, Love, Obsession, Passion, Problem, Sensation, Sensational, Thought, Thoughts, Turmoil,

Getting the Upper Hand over Fear Forever - Just A Thought
Every one can be controlled by two forces: fear or hope. If you allow yourself to feel your fears and push through, you'll end up in hope

Other Keywords Used: Fear, Fears, Feel, Forever, Getting Control, Heal Yourself, Healing Through Growth, Health and Lifestyle, Hope, Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Rita Harrison, Thought For Today, Thought of the Day, Willow System,

Reassessing Relationships. A Thought For Today Video
Lets talk about how important it is to protect your energy, and not to give outside circumstances or people any kind of power over you...

Other Keywords Used: Energy, Explore, Family and Relationships, Heal Yourself, Healing Through Growth, Health and Lifestyle, Know Yourself, Life, Love Yourself, Love and Relationships, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Power, Protection, Relationships, Rita Harrison, Talk, Thought For Today, Thought Of The Day, Willow System, Worthwhile,

Here's a thought - What are you willing to do to be liked?
In this video I share my very personal thoughts about giving up true freedom in order to be liked. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

Other Keywords Used: Anxiety,, Freedom, Happiness, Heal Yourself, Healing, Inspiration, Know Yourself, Love, Love Yourself, Personal Freedom, Relationships, Stress, Thought For Today, Video,

Fearless Thoughts: Fear-less lacking fear (bold, courageous)
Oh yes Fearless is who you are, even if don't you know it and in the words of George Eliot... It's never too late to be who you might have been.

Other Keywords Used: Brave, Bold, Courageous, Definition, Fear, Fearless, Rita Harrison, Thought, Thought For Today, Valiant, Valorous, Willow System,

Here's a thought - Feeling good when someone else gets you.
You know when you connect with the right kind of people, it empowers everyone involved, and together you can take your life to the next level.

Other Keywords Used: Connection, Empower, Empowerment, Feeling Good, Feelings, Life, Rita Harrison, Thought, Thought Of The Day, Thought for Today, Together, Willow System,

Your Body's Talking To You. Please Start Listening To It...
Did you know that your body constantly sends messages to you whether you're aware of them, or not, about what's going on inside it. Pay attention

Other Keywords Used: Body, Communication, Healing Through Growth, Health and Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Listening, Messages, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Rita Harrison, Signals, Talking, Thought, Thoughts, Willow System,

Be The Tree, Not A Leaf - Stay Grounded - Just a Thought
This Inspirational Thought Video by the Naturopath Rita Harrison is to help you withstand all the chaos and craziness out there and grow stronger

Other Keywords Used: Centered, Chaos, Craziness, Grounded, Grow, Growth, Ideas, Inspiration, Naturopath, Strong, Stronger, Thoughts,

I'm in heaven, just because I say so... Just A Thought
This Inspirational Thoughts Video talks about how imagination is as real as our reality and has a huge impact on what we consider possible or not

Other Keywords Used: Empowerment, Healing Through Growth, Heaven, Imagination, Impact, Inspirational, Inspire, Lifestyle, Personal Growth, Possible, Real, Reality, Self-Empowerment, Thought,

Think Bigger! Expanding your world to leave the pain behind
We all tend to get stuck in fear mode after we're traumatized, isolate ourselves and make our world smaller. Make your world bigger and move on.

Other Keywords Used: Bigger, Blocks, Comfort, Emotions, Fear, Fears, Isolated, Pain, Power, Response, Self, Stuck, Thought, Trauma, Traumatized, World,

What Love Is - Love, Dating, Marriage, Relationships, etc.
Do you think you have to protect yourself when it comes to love? Do you catch yourself saying, love hurts? Is it love that hurts or what it's not

Other Keywords Used: Awareness, Date, Dating, Enjoy, Family and Relationships, Feelings, Hurt, Knowing, Love, Love and Relationships, Loving, Marriage, Personal, Protection, Relationship, Relationships, Thought,

You can do it... Silencing The Voice Of Self-Doubt
Sometimes self-doubts sneak into your mind making you feel bad about yourself. The video has ideas on how to convince yourself that you can do it

Other Keywords Used: Confidence, Doubt, Ideas, Indecision, Insecurity, Inspirational, Mind, Self-Confidence, Self-Doubt, Thoughts, Uncertainty,

Simple Inspirational Thoughts And Ideas To Upgrade Your Life
This video talks about easy life-changing ways that will quickly improve, modernize, update, rejuvenate, make better and refine your life.

Other Keywords Used: Changing, Empowerment, Good Enough, Hope, Ideas, Ideas, Improve, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspirational, Inspirational Thoughts, Inspire, Life, Rejuvenate, Self-Help, Self-Worth, Think,

Are You Looking For A Soulmate or Lasting Love
This inspirational thoughts video talks about why finding a soulmate can be so hard for some of us and what you can do about it...

Other Keywords Used: Hope, Ideas, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspirational Thoughts, Inspire, Love, Self-Help, Soulmate, Think,

Why We Freeze When Stressed. Healing Frozen Stress Responses
This inspirational thought talks about what to do when we in traumatic situations like fear and anxiety, or in threatening environments, freeze.

Other Keywords Used: Anxiety, Fear, Freeze, Frozen, Heal, Healing, How To, Inspirational, PTSD, Recovery, Response, Responses, Stress, Thought, Threatening, Trauma, Traumatic,

Recovering After An Abusive Relationship - How To Life Hack
In this video I give my thoughts and ideas about the things we should know to help the survivors of a mental and emotional abusive relationship

Other Keywords Used: Abuse, Abuser, Burnout, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Hope, Ideas, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspirational Thoughts, Inspire, Isolation, PTSD, Perpetrator, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationship, Relationships, Self-Help, Sexual Abuse, Survivor, Think, Trauma, Verbal Abuse, Victim,

The Lack and Abundance Mentality vs. Freedom and Wisdom
Abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives. I would like to suggest that Freedom and Wisdom are a better alternative. Here's How - Why

Other Keywords Used: Abundance, Alternative, Alternative, Change, Freedom, Ideas, Lack, Mentality, Self-Help, Thoughts, Wisdom,

How About Building A Chosen Family, Your Very Own Community!
Education, thoughts, ideas and empowerment by Rita Harrison

Other Keywords Used: Apply, Education and Empowerment, Family, Feelings, Growth, Happiness, Healing, Health, Ideas, Integrate, Knowledge, Learn, Love, Roots, Success, Successful, Thoughts, Tips, Understanding,

Just A Thought But Unless You Ask You Don't Need To Be Fixed
When you feel overwhelmed you often need a heart that listens rather than a mouth that tries to fix you...

Other Keywords Used: Awareness, Emotional, Experience, Feel, Feelings, Overwhelmed, Thought,

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Overcoming limitations using the feminine art of healing
How to overcome limitations; achieve excellent health, relationships, career opportunities, while finding true happiness.

Other Keywords Used: Art, Career, Feminine, Happiness, Happiness, Happy, Heal, Healing, Health, Hope, Ideas, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspirational Thoughts, Inspire, Motivation, Opportunities, Opportunity, Relationships, Self-Help, Think, Tip, Tips, Treatment, Video, Videos,

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