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Let The Eyes Be The Windows To Your Soul

Windows to the soul

Come with us on a spiritual & aesthetic adventure, where we discover inner & outer beauty.:

  • I'll introduce you into the deeper psychological & spiritual meaning of the different eye shapes to help you understand more about your own psyche & the psyche of others, accessing the depth of the soul.
  • I'll teach you how to identify your eye shape, & show you how you can make them shine, making you feel beautiful inside & out.
  • 1 person per seminar $75,
  • or use our bring-a-friend-discount & safe $15 per person
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Motivational lectures, seminars & workshops presented by Rita Harrison the developer of The Willow System healing modality
A more natural way to meditate is when we learn to experience stillness in movement and movement in stillness.
Discover how to recognize hidden manipulation, to protect yourself effectively & learn to take back control.

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