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Pick Your Own Classes And Grow

If you'd like to share special moments of growth, or healing together with your friends, family, club, etc. Here are some private growth class for you and yours
Schedule Your Own Private Holistic Self-Help Group Classes
Schedule Your Own Private Holistic Self-Help Group Classes

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Schedule Your Own Private Holistic Self-Help Group Classes

Pick Your Own Classes

If you want to create a special experience of personal growth for yourself, your family, friends, club or any other groups you belong to, this is the place to do it, by picking one of the classes below... 

You Are Your Intentions

Powerful Rituals For Truly Fulfilling Experiences... Show More

Ultimate Inner Balance

Stop being resentful, start enjoying yourself, find your Feminine Power by making peace with your Inner Unresolved Masculine. ... Show More

Kinesiology Muscle Testing Training

In this personal & professional development training you will learn to use the Bi-Digital O-Ring Muscle Test.... Show More

What Doctors Won’t Tell You

Easy to apply tools that will help you heal yourself... Show More

Living Your Truth

How to align your choices with who you truly are & learn to discern between your own truth & those of others.... Show More

The Craniosacral Experience

Imagine bathing in the light of love, unleashing the healing power inside of you and those you touch. That's The WillowWay... Show More

Creativity & Self-Expression

How To Transform The Fear Of Success Into Creativity & Self-Expression... Show More

Healing Addictive Behavior Successfully

Get to know the deeper subconscious root causes of addictive behavior so you can rewrite your own story.... Show More

Recognizing Manipulation & Abuse

How To Recognize Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Abuse and Manipulation: Plus what you can do about it...... Show More

Ascension for Grounded People

Letting Go, Moving On And Enjoy Your Life Right Now. . . Personal Growth Class by Rita Harrison... Show More

Archetypes Of Your Soul

When we know who we are, we can love and accept ourselves, align our choices with our life's purpose and live in contentment.... Show More

Inner Freedom meets Peace Of Mind

Through conquering fear and anxiety you have it all inside to turn fear into courage, heaviness into lightheartedness and then break free to be the true you...... Show More

Discover How Fearless You Are

You Have Everything Inside You To Transform Fear Into Peace Of Mind And Appropriate Action... Show More

You're more enlightened than you think

A more natural way to meditate is when we learn to experience stillness in movement and movement in stillness.... Show More

Belly Fat Detox

5 Steps To Stay Effortlessly Healthy, Young & In Shape.... Show More

How To Feel Good In Your Own Body

In this seminar we'll explore self-help tools that connect us with our physicality so that we can enjoy life more.... Show More

The Windows To The Soul

Come with us on a spiritual journey & discover inner and outer beauty... Show More


How to transform The Judge Within into an advocate that supports you in your journey of personal development and self-growth... Show More

Glow with Ageless Beauty

5 Steps To Stay Effortlessly Healthy, Young & In Shape... Show More

Manipulation Protection

How you can protect yourself and keeping your Personal Space clear in just 3 steps. Partner, family, colleague, friend, etc.... Show More

Start A Relationship Revolution

Awaken To Your Full Potential Of What's Possible In Your Relationships No Matter If You're Single And Need A Change Or If You're In A Relationship That Needs An Upgrade... Show More

Awakening Through Growth

Are you longing to be fully awakened, but feel like your doing the same old un-awakened things over and over? Check This Out... Show More

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, or to schedule your very own private group class.

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Schedule Your Own Private Holistic Self-Help Group Classes Schedule Your Own Private Holistic Self-Help Group Classes Schedule Your Own Private Holistic Self-Help Group Classes
Pick Your Own Classes And Grow

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