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Inspirational Workshops

Inspirational Workshops:

"Motivational lectures, seminars & workshops presented by Rita Harrison the developer of The Willow System healing modality"
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Meetup, Seminars & Workshops
Willow: personal growth

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Inspirational & motivational lectures, seminars & workshops presented by Rita Harrison, the developer of The Willow System healing modality.

Workshops & Co.

December 29, 2016
Never Alone
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January 8, 2017
Relationship Revolution
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February 5, 2017
Conquering Fear
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March 5, 2017
Awakening Through Growth
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March 18, 2017
What Doctors Won’t Tell You
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April 2, 2017
Manipulation Protection
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May 7, 2017
Archetypes Of Your Soul
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May 27-28, 2017
The Craniosacral Experience
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June 4, 2017
Master Difficult People & Situations
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September 16- 17, 2017
The Skills Of The Healed Woman
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Join the Healed Woman MeetUp Group For Long Beach CA
Special Seminar Sundays. if your life is good & you’re ready for it to be great...
Imagine you could make your choices out of an inner freedom & not out of necessity!
Are you longing to be fully awakened, but feel like your doing the same old un-awakened things over and over? Check This Out
Easy to apply tools that will help you heal yourself
How you can protect yourself and keeping your Personal Space clear in just 3 steps. Partner, family, colleague, friend, etc.
When we know who we are, we can love and accept ourselves, align our choices with our life's purpose and live in contentment.
Imagine bathing in the light of love, unleashing the healing power inside of you and those you touch. That's The WillowWay
Discover how to recognize hidden manipulation, to protect yourself effectively & learn to take back control.
How To Stay Grounded In A Chaotic World. A Return To Lasting Inner & Outer Wholeness
Check out workshops that are available to pre-order now.
Audio Meditation and Co.
Willow Trunk: The Physical Body
Willow on Video
Workshops & Co.

Inspiring & Empowering Personal Healing Workshops / Seminars

Motivational lectures, seminars & workshops presented by Rita Harrison the developer of The Willow System healing modality

The Willow System › is here to promote open access to a European style of holistic healthcare.

Since 1986 Rita Harrison › has been providing worldwide this highly sustainable treatment for people with busy lifestyles.

We want you to have the freedom to heal anywhere you feel safe & secure!

Because your healing is our priority...

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