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Holistic Healing and Confident Growth For Extraordinary People

Discover Willow's Benefits For You

You are special and multi-faceted, deserving to receive customized and all-encompassing guidance that includes all that you are.

When you are ready for positive change we'll provide you with the most direct and efficient service, knowledge and tools that you'll wish you'd had years ago.

Inspirational Events

Take advantage of healing, learning new purpose direction & personal growth from Rita Harrison the developer of The Willow System... Show More

Articles, Testimonials, Texts and Story's

For people who want to know what other people have to say about Rita Harrison ptHP and her Willow System... Show More

Love@ First Contact

The 3 Secrets To Creating Real Love and Lasting Connections. For people that hate dating, but still wants the courage to connect.... Show More

Love@ First Talk!

Free Class for everyone who wants to live a real connection, establish true love & nourish authentic communication with a partner.... Show More

Distance Healing

One of the most effective ways to get unstuck and release negative patterns and emotions.... Show More

Tailoring Healing Just For You

We use proven, tried & tested techniques from many different areas to quickly enable health, healing & happiness.... Show More

Healing Focus & Clarity

Cleanse your trust issues & get sustainable clarity by breaking free of lifelong negative belief & behavioral patterns.... Show More

Healing Energy & Emotions

Willow System has comprehensive harmonization techniques to heal anxiety, worries, fear, insecurity & sleeping disorders... Show More

Healing The Soul

How to learn to awaken & heal your Soul to access the inner powers you've lost or forgotten.... Show More

Healing The Mind

Nothing holds more power over your body & soul than the mind. From Anxiety, to Sexual Dysfunction... Show More

Cognitive Empowerment

We can help you heal if you're feeling lost, or caught up in negativity. Let's start now, it's that easy... Show More

Physical Holistic Healing

Physical Body Organization & Body Alignment, Anytime, Anywhere. It's This Easy...... Show More

Healing & Completion

How to find the empowerment to pursue your life purpose & soul mission. Find Your Passion Now...... Show More

Spiritual Alignment

It's this easy to understand your self, your needs & your path in life. Finding your life, or soul's purpose & mission... Show More

Healing Your Roots

How to start healing family conflicts & bad relationships... Show More

Willow & Us

Welcome to a modality that optimizes health, relationships, spirituality & career... Show More

Mastering Emotional Pain

Simple tips on how to master the pain of your emotions & get mastery over emotional pain... Show More

Emotional Detoxification

It's this simple to stop experiencing anxiety, worry, fear, insecurity, frustration, or panic. Start Now, It's this easy...... Show More

All The Things We Treat

Individually tailored programs to optimize your health career motivation & focus... Show More

How Distance Healing Works

Powerful healing tools to connect you remotely to new opportunity's to heal family, relationship & personal problems... Show More

Why Try Distance Healing

How To Heal At Home! If you're in physical, emotional, or spiritual pain you can get help in the comfort your own home... Show More

Book Some Remote Healing

If you're suffering from spiritual, physical, or emotional pain, don't delay your chance for healing and inner peace.... Show More

Body Health Symptom List

Pain, stress, headache, migraine, muscle tension, stiffness, sport injuries, dizziness, tilted pelvis, TMJ & so much more...... Show More

Family & Relationship Reharmonization

Start here if you're experiencing frustration, or anger in your family, partnerships, or working relationships.... Show More

Feeling Hurt?

How To Make Forgiveness Unnecessary.... Show More

Healing Relationships

How to Heal Painful Relationships & Turn Them Into Ones That Invigorate You... Show More

Distance (Remote) Healing FAQ

Part of a larger and increasingly popular field of energy medicine. Now you can heal without leaving home... Show More

How To Get A Healthy Back & Joints

Fast & Individual Solutions For Pain, Stress, Burn-Out, Tension, Exhaustion, Depression & Anxiety... Show More

Don't let worry or anxiety hold you back!

Let use help you to turn worry & anxiety into a super-catalyst to help you be strong, happy, heal and grow.... Show More

The Body Organization

The Three Step Treatment That Puts Your Body Back In Alignment.... Show More

The Body In Stress

If you have tension, exhaustion, anxiety, pain, lack of concentration, or are having sleep, or weight problems. Read this...... Show More

Time to Go 2 A Coach?

Didn't think so... That why we work at the Willow System work over Skype... Show More

Weight Loss

3 Reasons For Not Losing Weight. Luckily, we can help you ways to turn things around & turn them around fast.... Show More

True Holistic Healing

Naturally heal relationships, love & happiness. Physical, emotional & mental pain. Anytime, anywhere & believe us it's this easy... Show More

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Holistic Healing & Confident Growth For Extraordinary People Holistic Healing & Confident Growth For Extraordinary People Holistic Healing & Confident Growth For Extraordinary People
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