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Avoid Emotional Stress

Avoid Emotional Stress:

"Here's a video tip on ways to decrease relationship stress & pain, at home & at work"
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How To Avoid Emotional Stress in the home & in the workplace

Brain research shows that our brain involuntarily opens folders, or files from the past. You can tell when the conversation turns radically to statements like...

  • I never could…
  • You never have…
  • We always…
  • Etc.

When a FILE is open longer than 2 minutes, emotional components come up. The consequence is that our thoughts and thus the conversation may develop adversely.

Rita Harrison shows you how to do something about it...

  • How to avoid marital conflict and negative conversations at work
  • How you can stay focused
  • How to overcome blockages in communication
  • How to deal with panic attacks, anxiety and depression, as you learn to deal with unpleasant feelings
  • How to control a FILE situation from further escalating into discord

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"Information Doesn't Care About Distance! Why Should You"
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How To Avoid Emotional Stress in the home & in the workplace

Is Stress Hurting Your Relationship? Here's a video tip by Rita Harrison (Willow System Treatment) on ways to Decrease Relationship Stress & Pain

The Willow System › is here to promote open access to a European style of holistic healthcare.

Since 1986 Rita Harrison › has been providing worldwide this highly sustainable treatment for people with busy lifestyles.

We want you to have the freedom to heal anywhere you feel safe & secure!

Because your healing is our priority...

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