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Video Tips:

"Tips on how to heal & balance your mind, body, & soul"
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rita's tips on video

Willow: rita's tips on video

Video Tips

Here is a list of simple tips to consider incorporating into your healthy routine that will help balance your mind, body, spirit & soul by Rita Harrison who has been helping people heal since 1986.
How To Self-Muscle Test

How To Self-Muscle Test

Acquire valuable resources with the power of Kinesiology. To test for allergies, food Intolerance etc. Alternative Healing ... Read More
Dealing with anger & frustration

Dealing with anger & frustration

Using The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Meridian tapping the gall bladder meridian & more...... Read More
Master Your Mind

Master Your Mind

This video has lots of insights & simple strategies that will help you learn how to change the way you set (and achieve) your goals.... Read More
Protecting Yourself From Abuse

Protecting Yourself From Abuse

Protecting you from fear, anxiety, & the burden of guilt. This Video Shows How To Protect Yourself From Abuse... Read More
Dealing With Neck Pain

Dealing With Neck Pain

If you're prone to tension, or migraine headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, or just need stress relief. This is for you... Read More
Know Thyself-Love Thyself

Know Thyself-Love Thyself

Are you suffering from negative body image, diabetes type 2, allergies, bloating, poor circulation or premature aging?... Read More
Dealing With Fear & Anxiety

Dealing With Fear & Anxiety

A super fast acting tip for anyone suffering from fear, anxiety, loss, panic, sadness, worry, etc.... Read More
Avoid Emotional Stress

Avoid Emotional Stress

Here's a video tip on ways to decrease relationship stress & pain, at home & at work... Read More
"I don’t have time to be too busy because I have a life to live."
-Rita Harrison
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Author, Teacher & Naturopath

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Family and Relationships

Guided Meditations & Some Free Stuff

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Avoid Emotional Stress

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Video Tips about healing body mind & soul

Here is a list of simple tips to consider incorporating into your healthy routine that will help balance your mind, body, and spirit.

The Willow System › is here to promote open access to a European style of holistic healthcare.

Since 1986 Rita Harrison › has been providing worldwide this highly sustainable treatment for people with busy lifestyles.

We want you to have the freedom to heal anywhere you feel safe & secure!

Because your healing is our priority...

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