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Inspirational Thoughts For Authentic People

Powerful motivation, uplifting perspectives and inspiration for people who dare to show that they care.

Discover Yourself Again By Watching, Listening and Thinking

Videos by Rita Harrison

You're a creative unique being, always thinking, constantly searching for the meaning of all that happens in your life.

With these videos I want to encourage you to be your true self, expressing your unedited and raw truth in your special way, dare to share - with a little smile on your face. -Rita Harrison

Making Peace With Yourself

Start living the good life on a soul level & become a much healthier & more successful you. Peace, You & Self-Acceptance... Show More

Thoughts On Elevating Your Communication

A lot of psychological pain and conflicts can be avoided, and extraordinary success can be created by knowing how to speak mindfully and think differently...... Show More

Smile & Be Thankful

In this video I share my very personal thoughts about what makes me thankful. I hope this inspires you to write your own list...... Show More

Unsolicited Advice

Thought for today! You know how uncomfortable unsolicited advice is, but do you catch yourself doing it? How to be more...... Show More

Try Picking Battles You Can Win

This video talks about how you can avoid becoming overwhelmed. It's about battles that you can win like dealing with anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, heartache and grief.... Show More

How Much Do You Really Need?

In the end we can only take our Spiritual Achievements with us and have to leave everything else behind - Just A Thought For Today... Show More

I Was Just Trying To Help

Learning to Let Go... Letting go is not the same as trying to make yourself stop thinking about something, it's stopping yourself trying to control what you cannot control.... Show More

Influencing Generations

Are you longing for a meaningful life? Then it would help you to start thinking about what your actions today will do to influence the next seven generations...... Show More

A Moment Of Joy

It's just a thought but why not reserve yourself an instant, a complete moment of joy at least once a day. It's a small investment with big benefit to the quality of your life...... Show More

Peace, Harmony, Dignity & Respect

We're born to be human not to be perfect & as long as certain people don't deserve dignity we cannot find abundance.... Show More

Quality Is The Time Together

This Inspirational Thoughts Video by the Naturopath Rita Harrison talks about how life is not about the quantity but the quality of the time we spend together...... Show More

Do you feel the Shift?

Are you feeling all kinds of sensations that bring up all the old stuff, but seem to pull you into a higher consciousness?... Show More

Reaping The Rewards Of Personal Growth

In this inspirational thoughts video I'll be talking about reaping the rewards of your personal growth so far... Show More

Masculine vs Feminine

Patriarchalism, Negative Stereotypes, Sexism, Racism and Gender Equality. Ideas on how you can deal with a society in which men hold the power and women are excluded...... Show More

Feeling Stuck or Anxious?

Thought for today! How to fly free & high. How there's always a way out, if you just keep it simple when you feel scared...... Show More

I'm In Heaven

This Inspirational Thoughts Video by Naturopath Rita Harrison, talks about how imagination is as real as our so-called reality and has a huge impact on what we consider possible or not.... Show More

Discovering Your Greatness

This Inspirational Thoughts Video by the Naturopath Rita Harrison talks about the greatness that lies within you. Discover it's the simple things you do in life that matter.... Show More

Remember To Be Kind To Yourself

I've been very sick over the past two weeks and this has forced me to start to be a little more kind to myself. So I thought I'd just remind you all to do the same...... Show More

Dealing With Grief, Mourning & Loss

In this Thoughts Video I talk about how everyone has an individual way to cope with loss... So stop feeling guilty if your way is not other people's way.... Show More

Hope In Chaos - Some Motivation For Hard Times

Find your inner strength now that the world out there is hateful and angry. Use the negativity as stimulation (a catalyst) for positive personal growth.... Show More

Why Do We Do What We Do

When we do the right things for the right reasons it's self-empowering. Things Like Life, Love, Nutrition, or Healthy Living... Show More

Changing Direction At Life's Little Crossroads

Have you come to a point where instinctively you feel that although you’ve learned to do something a certain way, it’s not the way to do it any more? ... Show More

Relationships, Friends & Partners

As a real possibility lets explore in this video the role of valuing friendships within a relationship.... Show More

Never Fear

Allowing yourself to feel your fears helps you push through, and end up living in hope. . .... Show More

Start Living Your Freedom

Are you truly happy & content living your life? Start to live your freedom it's not only possible, it's absolutely necessary... Show More


Going beyond psychology's divide and conquer approach to separating mental discomfort, anxiety conflicting emotions and beliefs... Show More

Messages From Your Body

It's not a secret message, our body is in constant communication with us, we just need to pay better attention to its messages and signals...... Show More

Oh To Be Liked

How far would you go to be liked? In this video I share my very personal thoughts about giving up your true freedom in to be liked, or not...... Show More

Being Politically Correct

Definition: Creating blind spots and fake behavior instead of really solving issues that would help you move on with new-found and well-deserved innocence.... Show More

Changing & Challenging Times

Even though times are challenging, there's also a lot of very good happening. E.g. Like corporate integrating alternative holistic health and communication services...... Show More

Thoughts On What Love Is Really

Do you sometimes think you have to protect yourself when it comes to love? Do you catch yourself saying, love hurts? But is it love that hurts or what it's not...... Show More

The Human Touch

When words are not enough a human touch can work miracles & open hearts.... Show More

Learning To Heal After Bullying

Identifying a bully is essential to healing. From manipulation to obvious assault, this clarity will help you to give the consequences of bullying back to the bullies.... Show More


Rita Harrison's thoughts on the need to fill every second with STUFF, chasing The Sensational which mostly leaves us feeling empty... Show More

Abundance & Wealth

Lets talk about having abundance and wealth. Lets explore what that could really mean for you. . .... Show More

Cleanse & Invigorate

Welcome to that powerful energy of renewal. Throw off the heaviness and start harnessing the transformative energy of renewal.... Show More

Reassessing Relationships

It's so important to protect your energy, and not to give outside circumstances or people any kind of power over you...... Show More

The True Purpose Of Detoxification

In this video Rita Harrison HPpt share her personal thoughts on the subconscious & conscious need to detoxify...... Show More

Expanding Your World

Just a thought about making your world bigger and moving on. Don't get stuck in the fear-fight-flight response after trauma, isolating yourselves and making your world smaller...... Show More

Be The Tree, Not A Leaf

This Inspirational Thought Video by the Naturopath Rita Harrison is to aid you to withstand all the chaos and craziness out there. It's to help you stay grounded and centered.... Show More

Here's a thought

That feeling you have when someone else GETS YOU and together you can take your life to the next level. ... Show More

Finding Meaningfulness

Let's think about being enough and simplifying life. Let's stop making life more complicated in order to give it more meaning... Show More

Why Do We Get Triggered?

...and why do we take things so personally? Here I share some thoughts about lots of little thing that help to avoid escalation between us, family, friends, co-workers, etc.... Show More

Fearless Thoughts

Here's a thought for today: Fearless is who you are even if you didn't know it. Fearless by Definition: Brave, valiant, valorous...... Show More

What Makes Us Grow

Does Self-Growth Equal Healing, or Do We Heal to Grow?... Show More

Do you know who you are?

When you know who you are you can stay focused on nurturing yourself with all the good things that matter... -Rita Harrison... Show More

Fast Food Spirituality

When you want to be authentic, trustworthy and respected, it's essential to walk your talk, not just repeat STUFF...... Show More

Aging Gracefully With Serenity

Healthy inspiration for the 50+ about growing older with grace. An eloquent and perceptive viewpoint on getting older.... Show More
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Here's an idea...

Lets work together to find what's really going on. -Rita Harrison


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Discover Yourself Again By Watching, Listening and Thinking Discover Yourself Again By Watching, Listening and Thinking Discover Yourself Again By Watching, Listening and Thinking
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