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Optimize Your Health, Career, Motivation & Focus

Rita Harrison

The Willow System works with you to find new health, healing, Career, motivation & focus opportunities that can be integrated quickly & easily into your life.

Part of it's primary purpose is to:
  • get back into your middle
  • Eliminate pessimism, cynicism & doubt
  • Help You Escape the Prison of Negative Programming
  • break you out of old patterns of behaviors & expectations

The Willow System is fast, effective and more often than not life changing. It's truely holistic; helping you find the root causes, or solotions to your problems on any number of combinations between the physical, emotional, energetic, mental, systemic, or spiritual levels.

We've also been offering 1 on One, or phone sessions for over 25 years & for the last 10 years long-distance Skype (FaceTime) sessions in Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, The Middle East, The USA & Hawaii & many more countries with great success.

The solutions are so individually tailored, that positive changes have occurred during the first session.

See what the Willow System can do for you!

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Physical Complaints
e.g. Pain in the spine, joints, head, or jaw problems, hormonal disorders, immune deficiency, allergies, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, burnout, etc.
  • Realignment of posture and joints, relaxation of the muscles help your organs, glands and tissues to function more economically.

Emotional Problems
e.g. Depression, bipolar symptoms, anxiety, despair, panic attacks, fear, worry, etc. or when you are stuck in the fight or flight response.
  • Release of emotional stress make it easier for you to calm down, enjoy life & move forward without anger, despair, helplessness or negativity.

Energetic Release
e.g. Exhaustion, burn-out, stress, low energy, no motivation, lack of direction and goals.
  • Deep cleansing and rebalancing of your energetic systems alllow you to let go of unhealthy & limiting conditionings, synchronizing you with your true self, giving you more power & energy to successfully implement your goals in life.

Learning Disabilities & Limiting Belief Systems
e.g. ADD/ADHD, concentration problems, self-sabotage, or being plagued with negative belief patterns.
  • Freeing you from negative thought patterns or belief systems help you find new solutions & focus on new ideas and success.

Systemic Disorders (Disorders with in a system e.g. Family, Work etc.)
e.g. Abuse (physically, emotionally or verbally), feelings of shame, or guilt. Problems with relationships (partners, parents or children).
  • Regain your freedom, self-respect & self-determination, in all your relationships (personal, family, in the work place, etc.)

Spiritual Symptoms
e.g. karmic issues, feelings of futility, or past life trauma.
  • Developing your self-awareness, strengthening your belief in your own intuition help you access your inner knowing and life purpose.

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