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Music Is The AIM

Active Meditation

Music for the Age of Aquarius Chakras
Tags: Aquarius Age Meditation Active Chakras Music ITeric Project Performed Paul Harrison Peter Zisler

The Music Is The A.I.M. CD
Movement & Dance Meditative Music

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There are different frequencies (or keynotes) used in the music of this CD that resonate the chakras and are highly effective in balancing them.
The chakras; A Sanskrit term meaning wheels of light, or energy centers are found in many traditions, including ancient Egyptians, Hebrew, Islamic, Tibetan, Japanese and Native American.
"Peter and I have utilized a system of chakra sounding on this CD that came to us many years ago and that we have shared effectively with thousands of people over our many years as performers." -Paul E. Harrison
  • 01 The Africa Can Can
    The Root Chakra Earth, Security, Mother
    • 3:38 Paul E. Harrison & Peter Zisler
  • 02 The Pipes Peace
    The Sacral ChakraYin and Yang) Water, Overcoming Duality
    • 4:21 Paul E. Harrison & Peter Zisler
  • 03 Touch Me
    The Solarplexus Chakra Fire, Personal Power
    • 2:59 Paul E. Harrison
  • 04 Stone Butterfly
    The Spleen Chakra Inner Judge, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem
    • 2:30 aul E. Harrison
  • 05 Mirage
    The Heart Chakra Air, Unconditional Love
    • Mirage 4:12 Paul E. Harrison & Peter Zisler
  • 06 Whale Watching
    The Thymus Chakra Ether, Belief In Yourself
    • 7:41 Paul E. Harrison & Peter Zisler
  • 07 Blessed Rain
    The Occipital Chakra (Well of Dreams), Biorhythm Cycles, Soul Connection (Relationships), Clairvoyance
    • 8:06 Paul E. Harrison & Peter Zisler
  • 08 Open Spaces
    The P & Y-Chakra Connection To Own Potential & Oneness With Everything That Is
    • 8:18 Paul E. Harrison & Peter Zisler
  • Track 09 Welcome 2 My World
    Bringing It Into The Physical Express Who You Are
    • 2:43 Paul E. Harrison

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Books ? eBooks by Rita Harrison Audio CD's etc. by Rita Harrison Videos by Rita Harrison Podcasts and Video Casts by Rita Harrison Training By Rita Harrison

The Music 4 A.I.M.
By The iTeric Project

These are the backing tracks to the Wave Rider Guided Meditation, the uplifting Active Inspirational Meditation (A.I.M.) by Rita Harrison
The Music is from The iTeric Project and was written and performed by Paul E. Harrison and Peter Zisler in the Keller Studios Fellbach Germany 2011

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